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Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
Rosie T.jpg
What You Need
Cost Free
Hat (N/A)
Hair Pink headband
Top Grey jacket

White shirt

Bottoms Pink skirt
Skin Tone Light
Lips Light Pink lips
Other Accesories (N/A)

Are you a big Doctor Who fan? If so, this costume for you. With this outfit, you can become Rose Tyler!

How To Get[]

  1. Customize the headband and hair from a random Poptropican, or keep pressing "Ctrl", "Shift", and "R", until you get the proper hairstyle.
  2. Customize the jacket from a random Poptropican.
  3. Go to Skullduggery Island. Customize the shirt from the boy on your ship.
  4. Customize the lips from your navigator.
  5. Go to Shrink Ray Island. Customize the skirt from the girl at the science fair.

You are now rocking the Rose Tyler look!