Spectacular Stripes
What You Need
Cost Either 0 or 75
Hat None
Hair Brown, Long, Straight
Top Striped Shirt
Bottoms Black Skirt
Skin Tone Doesn't Matter
Lips Red Lipstick, Glossy
Other Accesories Belt, Earrings
I made this oufit because I was inspired by my friend, who likes to wear an outfit similar to this one. It looks fashionable and cute in the fall and winter seasons. 

How To Get:Edit


  1. You can do pretty much any hair but in my opinion this combination is cutest.
  2. Go to Crypids Island and run to your right to the lady dressed in all black. Customize her hair.
  3. The bangs and earrings are totally optional, but if you want them, they are part of the Pop Star Costume from the store.
  4. Dye it light brown.


  1. The striped shirt and black skirt is from the evil villans in Super Power Island. You need to at least capture one in the jail before being able to customize the shirt.


  1. Go to Nabooti and the scarf is found on the man who fies the plane (to your left).
  2. The you can get from many different places within Skullduggery Island.


  1. The lips you can find on the woman to your right on Mystery Train Island.


  1. You can dye your skin any color, I dyed mine a tan-peach color.