Poptropica Fashion Wiki
Steampunk Sir
A costume by Five Hours
What You Need
Cost 0 Credits
Hat None
Hair Spiky with Goggles
Top Brown Suit
Bottoms Black Pants
Skin Tone Any
Lips Any
Other Accesories Studded Choker, Studded Belt, Bangs

Ever feel like wearing an outfit with Victorian-style classiness and a mechanical twist? Just follow the steps below to become a Steampunk Sir!

How to Get[]

Hair: Zack from Steamworks Island. You can get it from meeting him in the Hibernation Room. It is best to dye it brown.

Top: The railroad guy standing in line in front of the Convention Center in PoptropiCon Island Part One.

Bottoms: The girl to the right when you first arrive at Red Dragon Island.

Accessories: The bangs are from the Wildfire represenative on Poptropolis Games. The choker and the belt is from the Hibernation Room on Steamworks Island.

You can view this outfit on the username MechForever.