Poptropica Fashion Wiki

Suave Hunter-0.png

This is a cool look for Spy Island, Survival Island, or Reality TV Island! It does use items from purchased costumes, so this is not something to do on the cheep.

You Will Need:[]

  • Biker Costume
  • Vampire Girl 2 Costume
  • Robin Hood Costume

How To Get:[]


  1. Go to Mystery Train Island. Get base hair from the woman in yellow on the far left.
  2. Get the hat from the Biker costume.


  1. Get the shirt from the Vampire Girl 2 costume. (Hint: Change up the outfit with a different shirt! It looks very spy with a black shirt)
  2. Get the jacket from the Biker Costume.
  3. Get the skirt from a Random Poptropican.
  4. Get the belt and quiver from the Robin Hood costume.


  1. Get cheeks and lips from the Biker costume.
  2. Colour hair and skin to taste. (Hint: This looks best with lighter hair and skin. Red hair is very striking!)