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Tessa Gray
Tessa Gray.jpg
What You Need
Cost Free
Hat None
Hair Brown,


Top Red Shirt
Bottoms Red Skirt
Skin Tone Tan/Peach
Lips Doesn't Matter
Other Accesories Heart Necklace,

Book, Knife, Earrings,

Tessa Gray is one of the main characters from The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassadra Clare. If you are a fan of Cassadra Clare's works then follow the steps below to dress like the beautiful warlock! This outfit is free and does not require membership.

How To Get:[]


  1. Customize wavy/curly hair from poptropicans from common rooms (the hair style is quite popular).
  2. Go to Mythology island.
  3. Go right until you reach Poseidon's castle/house.
  4. Go through the door that leads to the beach. You will need a starfish (found in the museum) to get through the door.  
  5. Go right untill you find Aphrodite.
  6. Customize the gold hoop earrings from Aphrodite.
  7. Customize any bangs you want, just remember to get ones that don't cover up the earrings.
  8. Dye your hair light brown.


  1. Customize the heart necklace from Aphrodite.
  2. Go to Skullduggery island.
  3. Run right until you reach the lady with the red dress on.
  4. Customize her top.
  5. Go to Astro Nights island.
  6. Customize the man on your right's knife.
  7. Run right until you reach the castle.
  8. Enter the room in the castle where the King and Queen are.
  9. Customize the Queen's skirt.
  10. Go to your friends page and add everything173 as your friend.
  11. Go to his closet and customize the red book.


  1. Dye your skin a regular peach-ish color.


  1. Customize any mouth you want.