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This is one of my default outfits, mainly because it's super stylish!

Glitter Chic
253 × 389px
An outfit that Spotted Dragon loves!
What You Need
Cost 300 credits
Hat None (but bangs look great!)
Hair Something stylish, preferably pulled back, bangs are good, a natural dark color goes well
Top Sparkly red dress
Bottoms Black tights (optional)
Skin Tone Anything natural
Lips Full and preferably red
Other Accesories An interesting handheld e.g. a thin sword (I like to pair it with the lightning bolt handheld from the now expired Percy Jackson movie ad) goes nicely. A hummingbird or (red/yellow) dragon follower is a fun addition! Using Phantom Power (to the most opaque it can be) gives it a fascinating ethereal glow.

The Look[]

  1. Get the hair from the Mythology Surfer costume (select Zeus/Red).
  2. Get the bangs from the Pop Star costume.
  3. Also get bangs from Vampire Girl 3. The over-eye bang from Prom Queen also works well for this, along with the fringe from the goth guy on Main Street, Reality TV (now gone, but quite easily found in common rooms and in my photographs, friend hermionegranger8989), or even the Biker Girl cap.
  4. Get the lips, jacket, belt, and (optional) pants from the Biker Girl costume. (If you don't want any tights underneath, make sure to wear a short red skirt instead, which you can find in my (hermionegranger8989) photograph for Arabian Nights Ep. 1).
  5. I found this glittery red dress on one of the passersby from PoptropiCon Ep. 1. It's not particularly hard to find, but grabbing it from the original source requires patience, so for an easier solution, friend me (hermionegranger8989) and costumize it from my Mystery of the Map Island photograph. The glitter moves, guys!! :D

Total Cost: 300 credits

Free Alternatives[]

  • A simple ponytail (similar to Biker Girl's) will work, along with any pretty, simple open hair.
  • Plain bangs (from the sunbathers at Poseidon's beach on Mythology Island) or curly bangs (girl in green inside Herc's Hero Hut on Mythology) complement this look nicely.
  • As already stated, the fringe from the goth guy (now gone, but this piece of hair is commonly found in common rooms, also in my photographs, friend hermionegranger8989) can replace the Vampire Girl 3 bangs.
  • The red lips from the woman in the main street of Monster Carnival, along with just plain pink lips, especially Mythology Surfer-esque ones (can be found in my closet and in my photographs).
  • You can opt for the black leather jacket from the guy running the Ferris wheel on Monster Carnival Island, along with just any old black belt studded with silver, which can be found on many randomized Poptropicans on the Main Streets of earlier islands (or just go without a belt).
  • Any black pants will work as tights, and the red skirt that I mentioned doesn't require any credits, either.
  • The glittery red dress, the highlight of this entire outfit, is free!


This outfit is pretty much only for girls, but there's TONS of room to experiment and play around with this outfit! I'd love to see what you guys can come up with!