Poptropica Fashion Wiki
Tris Prior
Tris Prior.png
What You Need
Cost 75
Hat None
Hair Blonde,


Top Gray Shirt,

Gray Jacket

Bottoms Gray Skirt
Skin Tone Pale
Lips Dosen't Matter
Other Accesories Belt

Tris Prior was raised in the Abnegation Faction, the selfless. Because they were selfless, they wore gray so they wouldn't attract attention to themselves. To dress up as the main character of Divergent by Veronica Roth, follow the steps below!

How to Get:[]


  1. Go to Night Watch island and get the hair from the old lady waiting in line by the mall.
  2. Choose whatever bangs you want but don't get bangs with earrings or blush because that attracts attention.
  3. Dye your hair blonde.


  1. The shirt is from the Vampire Girl 1 Costume from the store.
  2. The belt is also from the Vampire Girl 1 costume.
  3. The skirt is from the ginger girl on the left of Cryptids Island.
  4. The jacket is from a randomly generated Poptropican.


  1. Choose whatever mouth you like but don't get any with lipstick.


  1. Dye your skin a pale peach color.

You now look like an abnegation!