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OOOKAAAAY SO! I first started contributing to this wiki back in, uh. 2016, was it? Yeah! I'm writing this now in 2020, on December 28. It's been more than four years, my friends. More than four years.

More than four years ago, I was a young child, sort of prepubescent but also sort of not! It was an awkward time. I mean, it's still an awkward time, but anyhoo! I didn't feel like violating the ToU, so I waited until I reached a certain age and a certain level of comfort before I made my wiki account, which is *gestures* what you see before you right now!

Coming back here has been a trip, but I think I might actually stay? Poptropica's changed so much that it's gotten super weird trying to navigate everything, but I still like making outfits, even if I don't know where to find a specific hairstyle or jacket or what-have-you anymore.

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Heeeey what's up friends? :fortnitedances: I'm a Christian! I like plants and animals and drawing and reading webcomics and fiction books (historical or fantasy) and watching (clean! appropriate!!) cartoons and anime. I'm always up for random chats with anyone about anything, so long as the topic of the chat isn't hateful; and if you have a drawing or coding request, I'll see what I can do. (Please read the rules of requesting that I've posted on my message wall. Thanks!) Also, do not hesitate to correct me if I misgender you! I spent many years online interacting mostly with females, and this small tomato brain of mine is incredibly forgetful. It will take a while for me to get people's pronouns correct, so please bear with me if you can. Know that I do not mean to cause any injury with my thoughtlessness. I thank you for your patience and understanding; it is much appreciated. Idk what else to put here but yeah! That's it. Have a fantastic day, you lovely dragoneyes. Stay classy.