Vampire Princess
What You Need
Cost 75 credits
Hat Princess's Hat
Hair Princess's braided hair
Top Purple Top
Bottoms Purple Bottoms
Skin Tone White
Lips Vampire Girl 2's Lips
Other Accesories Belt


The Vampire Princess is a costume which is only fit for royalty. This outfit costs 75 Credits and you don't need a membership, but you need to have completed Astro Knights Island.

How to GetEdit

  1. After completing Astro Knights Island, go to the castle. Outside is a woman who is dressed in purple. Customize her purple top and bottom of the dress, but not the belt or necklace.
  2. Go into the castle and into the throne room where you will find the princess. Customize her hat, hair, and belt.
  3. Get Vampire Girl 2 and customize the white skin and the vampire lips. (This is optional as you can just make her skin white.)
  4. Go to Mythology Island and into Herc's Hero Hut. Inside is a girl dressed in green. Customize her cape.