White and Black Biker
Blck and White Biker
What You Need
Cost 150 Credits
Hat Black
Hair Short, Choppy, Brown
Top White w/ Black Shirt, Leather Jacket
Bottoms White Skirt
Skin Tone Tan
Lips Pink w/ Gloss
Other Accesories Earrings, Belt
Do you want to look innocent and kick-butt at the same time? Do you wish to stand out in a Common Room? Well, this is the costume for you! Follow the steps below to dress up like the White and Black Biker girl!

How to Get:Edit


  1. Go to Back Lot Island and run left until you see the man in black. Customize his hair.
  2. Get the Popstar Costume from the store and customize it's earrings and lips.
  3. Dye your hair brown.


  1. The shirt is from the girl waiting in line at the movie theater on Vampire's Curse Island.
  2. Go to Counterfeit Island and on the right is a girl with the white skirt.
  3. Get the Biker Costume from the storeand customize the Jacket and the hat.


  1. Get the belt from the girl on your right on Red Dragon Island.


  1. Dye your skin a tan color.